Bolsas para esterillas de yoga y pilates TICA dirigidas a quienes buscan calidad, estilo y comodidad.

Our manifesto

At TICA we take great care with the creativity of our products, but above all with the quality of the materials. We work with top quality fabrics and our fabrics come, in their immense majority, from Spain and Japan.

We are aimed at people who seek the perfect balance between quality, style and comfort.

Our bags are made by A Puntadas, a company that includes women at risk of social exclusion, or by ourselves, especially when it comes to more customized products. Our priority is to offer creativity with the highest quality and that everyone involved in the production process enjoy decent working conditions.

What is well done must last.
And go everywhere with you.

If you want, you can write us to make a personalized order, clarify doubts about shipments, know more about the project and our products or just say “hello”.

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